Defenders- Purveyor Asashi Sunfire

Defenders are the wall that keeps enemies at bay. Defenders are the last line of defense that keep the pike men protected so they may do their jobs. The defenders are an honorable guild based on the principle of constant engaging.  To be a defender means to be disciplined and willing to die to protect your fellow Guardsmen or client.

Pikemen- Purveyor Fayt

Pikemen are the support behind the wall.  Pikemen specialize in destroying they enemy so that the wall in front of them will not fall.  This guild is based on discipline and relying on the defenders to keep them alive.  A Pikeman is nothing without his Defender and a defender would not be able to do his job without a Pikeman.

Assassins- Purveyor Orzhov

Tenacious flankers, and ruthless attackers, Assassins can either be solo warriors or can work in packs to eliminate foes with ease.  Keeping the edges of a Defender line safe, and turning the enemy lines onto themselves are the Assassins specialties.  Assassins are not bound by honor or any other decree, when there is killing to be done, they get it done.

Cutthroats- Purveyor Genz Highwind

The Sea and it's blessings are what set apart the free spirits of the Cutthroats. These are the destroyers of boundary, supporting the Guard through it's exploration and lust.  Cirion, thieves, and performers they provide a distraction in battle to disorganize our foes allowing the other guilds time to prepare and strike.

Warmongers- Purveyor Sir Yamamto Moshi
The Warmongers led by Sir Yamamto Moshi are the front line made of Archers, swordsman, and shield-man. Working closely with the Defenders they are the first to fill in support where needed.

Death Guard- Purveyor Pheadrus Sunfire 

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