The Imperial Guard is a unit of the realm Eryndor.  Eryndor is a chapter in Dagorhir Battle games. A live action role playing game that is combat based. 

Important Dates

 Eryndor 2014 Season Schedule 

More details will be posted as the events grow closer.

Feb. 14th -16th -Bashcon
Mar. 1st - UTDC Presents
Mar. 13th- 16th Ides Of March
Mar. 22nd Opener
Apr. 4th-6th Olympics
Apr. 25th-27th Gates of Fire
May 9th-11th Deadmarches
Jun. 7th pre-rag
Jul. 12th Eryndor Potluck
Aug. 9th or 16th Campout
Sep. 6th Day Event
Sep. 25th-28th Badon Hill
Oct. 11th Day Event
Nov.1st or 8th Indoor event
More Events to follow.

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