• Rank: Honored Guardsman
  • Guild: Cutthroats
  • Fighting Style: Kingmaker, Glave, Javelins
  • Titles: Captain of the Lady Veris, Task Master of Healing, Fire Master of the Corners
  • Honors: Fighter, Envoy, Master Swordsman
  • Tasks: Quick Foot, Executioner, Man Hunter, Rank 4 of Florentine, Puncterer, Smasher, Basher, Sniper, Savior of Souls 
  • Fenris' Beginnings

When he came of age, Fenris left home to fight in the crusades. While he was there he formed a small team with two other soliders that showed promise, and they form the Veris Squad. After a few months of fighting Fenris seriously injured his leg and went home to heal his wounds. When he returned home he started working at the family bar to help out until he was better. Before he was completely healed his father passed away, leaving Fenris the only one to run the family business. A few years passed after Fenris's leg healed, yet he stayed home to run the bar for his family. Until one day two strangers to the town walked in and threw an old glaive on the bar. When Fenris looked up he saw that it was his two friends from the Veris Squad, come to get him back in the war. He decided that despite having the bar to run, that he needed to do what he felt was right and return to the front lines. That same night, the Veris squad helped a young lady stop the mugging of a traveling poet outside his bar, and the five of them got to talking and found out that they were all on their way to the crusades, and thus The Fury of the Called was born.

  • The Path of the Guard

More Storyling   will be provided.

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